Thursday, May 2, 2013

Leg lift trick

On wet days I find myself stuck in the house doing different tricks with the dogs.  Wicket is my advanced trick dog, since I have become better over the years at being able to teach shaping.  I tend to work on things that are a little more basic with my other dogs.  Okay, lets talk a little about the leg lift.  For years I have done balance work with my dogs & this takes it to the next level.  I don't know if this will work for you but thought I would share & you could come up with your own leg lift game.  After I taught Wicket to handstand I moved on to this trick on accident.  I set out the plunger & since he had done the back foot work recently for handstands, Wicket started offering a back foot to the plunger.  Of course the plunger fell over but I quickly rewarded seeing that this could be very useful.  I set the plunger again to see what would happen.  Wicket started lifting his leg to touch the plunger but knowing it would fall over didn't put pressure on it.  I did that several times then moved the plunger to the other side of his body which caused him to lift his other back leg.  I plan to phase out the plunger later.  This is Wicket's second session with the leg lift work.


Leg lift video

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