Friday, April 12, 2013

Dog tricks

A few people have been interested in how I taught Wicket to do his handstand.  Here is my link that shows a short video on how to get started.
After you do the ground work test your dogs skills along a wall or door.  If the dog needs help start with your target object on the door.  Here is the end result.

Happy dog training! -Heidi

Thursday, April 4, 2013


The last couple of trials I have been doing some experamenting in the ring.  I wanted to push my team hard & see how we could handle things.  I found some interesting things.  When I let worry or stress creep in no matter the form I didn't run or handle my team very well.  When I focused on my team, running hard and didn't babysit we did some amazing things.  I was super happy with several runs.  A favorite run from each dog was the resent AKC standard run.  No, we did not "Q" but I walked away happy with how each dog did & how I ran.  Some may think it sad that we just barrly missed the Q but I like to think what fun we had & how much better we are going to do next time. :)