Monday, July 25, 2011

I loath...

Scorpions!  Waking up to someone telling me "move, move there is a scorpion in the bed" is not what I wanted to hear last night.  Then to my horror have my pillow used to squish the thing.  My pillow did no damage to the scorpion but a shoe on the bed did (after several attempts).  I was the flashlight gal during this bug squishing episode.  After the thing was dead I checked and rechecked my pillow before using it.  My nerves were on edge that is was very hard to go back to sleep.  Just a few weeks ago I was chased down by a scorpion in the bathroom.  After Todd squished that one we were talking in the kitchen were I spotted a light brown moving critter on my shoulder from the corner of my eye.  Let me just say Todd said my feet were moving so fast it reminded him of a cartoon.  Then of course I landed squarely on my rear which lead to a nice size black & blue mark.  Yeah, that one just turned out to be a June bug that landed on me but at the moment I so thought it was a scorpion.  I look forward to cooler weather for many reasons and the scorpions leaving is at the top of it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


So I did some experiments this week.  One,  almond milk & pudding mix does not thicken very well.  Two, getting dogs to pay attention to me when coming out of the house.  My dogs have good recalls but when we first exit the door for walks things are a little crazy.  Wicket is so excited up races out the door (once released on cue) and makes a line between me & the tree line (bunnies & squirrels oh my).  During the back and forth runs of Wicket, Chloe is afraid she will miss the fun critters too.  Now Wicket never leaves my sight but Chloe does & comes back 85% of the time when called.  I have been working on ways to keep them from doing their ritual run out the door.  Treats work with Chloe but once I am done Wicket still goes crazy & makes his frantic run.  So, I tried toys.  Well, well I think we found a winner.  I pulled out several toys & let the dogs tug with me when they came out.  Since I only have two hands & have to push a stroller they had to take turns as we walked.  Once I told them all done they would walk a head of me & we would play recall games.  If the dog came, that I called, fast on the first call they got to tug with me.  This was way more fun then all the critters in the woods.  Now I have a way to reinforce my recalls, not running crazy when first leaving the house and that mama is lots of fun.  Granted this was not difficult for my dogs since they have a recall foundation.  Think outside the box for the behaviors you want to change.  -Heidi

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The 4th of July

 Heidi, Ellie & Todd
Ellie 10 months old

The three of us went to have sweets with some of our family on the fourth of July.  Ellie had a great time getting into things.  No fireworks this year because Ellie was just way to tired to stay up.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A TV star...

Well, five minutes of fame anyway.  Chloe and I filmed for our local TV show Dog Talk.  Chloe is tv material but I better stick with dog training.  After driving for an hour and a half I finally made my way into the KSBI studio.  I felt so bad that everyone had to wait on me the one and only who couldn't seem to find the place.  The staff at KSBI were all very nice about my direction disability and we finally got the filming done so they could go home.  The episode Chloe and I will be one airs August 6th.  Check us out!